Introducing the Socean Collectibles Program

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3 min readOct 19, 2021
Introducing the Socean Collectibles Program

Today, we’re excited to be launching a series of upcoming collectibles, and releasing the first collectible in the series. New collectibles will be announced shortly after, and will reward users for doing things that benefit the protocol. Our collectibles program is only the first of many exciting announcements that will come in the next two weeks, each bigger than the last!

Why are we doing this? We want to recognise and encourage users to actively contribute to the Socean protocol: whether it’s by staking with Socean, providing liquidity to our partners, or by participating in our Discord channel. We’ve been hard at work building the Socean product, and have created a best-in-class UI: now we are focused on growing and rewarding the community.

Socean is the only stake pool that shows users a live breakdown of their assets and their growth potential.

To reward early users, we’ve created a Pathfinder collectible. The Pathfinder collectible is given to the first 3,000 people who made a deposit into Socean. The collectible comes in five tiers, with Pathfinder I the most common and Pathfinder V the rarest. If you have a Pathfinder V token, then you’re one of the first 10 people who staked with Socean — thank you so much for your support!

Socean’s Pathfinder collection, Tiers I to V.
  • First 10 users who staked with Socean: Pathfinder V
  • Next 90 users (first 100 users): Pathfinder IV
  • Next 400 users (first 500 users): Pathfinder III
  • Next 500 users (first 1000 users): Pathfinder II
  • Next 2000 users (first 3000 users): Pathfinder I

The Pathfinder card depicts an intrepid explorer bravely making his way through uncharted waters — very much like our early users. Where is he going, with only the moon and the stars to guide him? What is he looking for? These answers will be revealed soon…

You can see if you’ve earned the collectible by going to the new Collectibles tab on the Socean app. First, click “Collectibles”:

Click on the “Collectibles” tab at the top of Socean’s webapp.

You should see the Pathfinder card in the first slot:

Click the card to show the full-size image and learn more details about the collectible:

Detailed view of collectible

If you didn’t receive a collectible this time — don’t worry! We will issue many more collectibles in the future, and we’ll announce in advance what you can do to earn them. For now, just keep using Socean, participating actively in the community, and providing liquidity with our partners. Just like the Pathfinder card, future collectibles will be hand-drawn with multiple tiers. Each card will introduce a new character in the Socean universe, and will feature our DeFi partners.

These collectibles have no monetary value but we have exciting plans for what you’ll be able to do with them. Our collectibles program is only the first of many exciting announcements that will come in the next two weeks, each bigger than the last. We hope you enjoy the collectible: stay tuned for more, and check our Discord and Twitter for the latest updates!