Ratio Finance is using Streams

scnSOL ☁️
3 min readAug 22, 2022


  • Ratio Finance is using Streams to purchase its own liquidity.
  • On the 22nd of August 2022, 12:00 UTC, you will be able to use $RATIO to buy b180RATIO, a stream of $RATIO that unlocks over 180 days.
  • This allows long-term buyers to participate in Ratio Finance’s on-chain governance.

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Ratio Finance will be using Streams for their governance. Ratio Finance is a protocol that allows users to lock assets in safe & secure vaults to mint Ratio’s $USDr stablecoin and utilise $USDr within the Solana ecosystem. Ratio Finance will be allowing users to swap their $RATIO for b180RATIO at a discount. b180RATIO unlocks into $RATIO over 180 days.

b180RATIO is used for all of Ratio Finance’s governance. Using b180RATIO is more beneficial than using pure $RATIO, as it ensures that anyone who wants to participate in Ratio’s governance must have a long-term stake. Holders of b180RATIO will be able to make proposals, ask for grants, list new assets as collateral, request for $RATIO emissions, and more. See this post for more details on Ratio’s governance.

What you can do with b180RATIO

To purchase b180RATIO, go to streams.so/app/streams and look for the b180RATIO auction. The price of b180RATIO will go down over time, but others buying will push the price back up — so be sure to jump in when you see a price you like!

Connect your wallet and enter the amount of b180RATIO you would like to purchase.

Click “Confirm”. The b180RATIO should then be in your wallet! You can now use it to participate in Ratio Finance’s governance.

If you would like to redeem b180RATIO for $RATIO, click “Add a stream”.

Select b180RATIO and the amount of b180RATIO you would like to unlock.

Click “Start unlock” and your b180RATIO will start turning into $RATIO right away. You can collect your $RATIO at any time.

For more details, check out our Notion page.

The Ratio Finance DAO will periodically offer b180RATIO sales for interested individuals, DAOs, and entities that wish to participate in Ratio Finance’s governance. We’re excited to support $RATIO in this endeavour — we think their governance is doing something really special in this space.