Socean Launches SoceanBot (“Meatball”)

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4 min readSep 21, 2022


Today, we’re launching SoceanBot. SoceanBot (nicknamed “Meatball”) is a Telegram bot that gives Solana stakers critical information on their staked SOL:

  • See how much SOL you earned from staking this epoch.
  • See how much staked SOL you have and who it’s staked with.
  • Check the current epoch’s progress.
  • (👷coming soon 👷) Get critical alerts when your validators go offline or raise their commission.
  • (👷coming soon 👷) See how much scnSOL/stSOL/mSOL you earned from staking this epoch.

Currently, there isn’t a single source of information that tells me everything I need to know about staking. I have to go to different sites to get the information I need. For example, if I want to know how much SOL I have staked, I need to go to my Phantom wallet or

If I want to know if my validators are performing well, I need to go to,, or

And if I want to know when my validators go offline or raise their commission, I have to set up an alert on, which is a lot of trouble.

The problem is that there isn’t a single, mobile-friendly place where I can get all this information. Also, some information I can’t easily access at all. How much money did I make this epoch? How did my stake perform relative to others? There’s no way I can do that right now unless I calculate it myself.

With Socean’s bot Meatball, you can get important information with a single command. Here are some things you can do:

Q: How much time is left in the epoch? I want to know when I can withdraw my stake.

Type /epoch to get information on the current epoch.

Q: How much did I make this epoch?

At the start of every epoch, you’ll get a message telling you how much money you made last epoch.

Q: How much staked SOL do I have? I need to check my balance every five minutes.

Type /mystake to see all your staked SOL. You can see your total balance, who you’re staking with, and whether your stake is active (making you money) or inactive (not).

Q: Who should I be staking with?

Type /validators to get a list of validators sorted in descending order of APY

How do I use this?

Start using SoceanBot in less than 30 seconds. Look for @SoceanBot on Telegram, click or type /start, and enter your wallet address. We even support Bonfida addresses (e.g. socean.sol). Enjoy!

“Socean’s bot, Meatball, lets users get all the information they need about their stake in one place, saving them time and effort.” says FP Lee, CEO of Socean. “SoceanBot excites us because it advances our goal to make staking on Solana better.”

A beta user says: “I used to keep track of how much SOL I made every epoch in my iPhone notepad. When the new epoch happened I would write down the new amount and subtract it from what I had before the epoch. SoceanBot does this automatically for me every epoch, saving me time and effort. I also enjoy the many convenience features that save me time checking my stake balance and epoch progress.”

We really want to improve SoceanBot and make it the best it can be. Please visit our feedback page or leave us feedback on our Telegram community group.


Why is Socean building this?

We love staking in all its forms and we want to make staking better for all users.

Does the bot store any of my data?

We store your wallet address. This allows us to send you personalised information like your stake accounts and send you alerts e.g. when one of your validators goes delinquent.

How do I stop using the bot?

Type /stop to unsubscribe from all updates.

Does it cost anything?

No, this bot is provided completely free of charge.

Why is the bot called Meatball?

Find us for drinks and we’ll tell you the story 😇

I have a question or suggestion about the bot. Who should I contact?

We really want to improve SoceanBot and make it the best it can be. Please visit our feedback page or leave us feedback on Telegram.